Yusen Luo (Class of 2020), was recently hired with a private media organization, Guancha Syndicate/Guancha News, which has become influential among the young population in China. The organization shares content online in various forms, including articles and videos, covering mostly politically-related topics. For example, they have interviewed U.S scholars such as John Mearsheimer and a former Singaporean diplomat, Kishore Mahbubani; they also publish articles on their platform. Yusen’s work as an editor is flexible as he is assigned to work as a copywriter on one of the channels, which reaches millions of views regularly. At the same time, he interviews people for articles, such as Ronny Tong from the Executive Council of Hong Kong.

“Currently, we are working on an offline forum. (We just created our own YouTube channel: Guan School观学院). We invite Chinese top scholars in different fields to have a lecture on the channel. From there, we upload the lecture videos online for free. Currently, I am in contact with professors from Renmin University and Fudan University to enhance the channel.”
UNMA is excited for Yusen as he starts his career in China by sharing political forums with Chinese people.

Yusen's Interview with Ronny Tong, https://youtu.be/tnB_4Ai5dKg (he is the first voice)

Ronny Tong Ka-wah is pan-democrat moderate politician in Hong Kong who co-founded the Civic Party in 2006 and announced his departure from the party in 2014. He is the convener of the Path of Democracy think tank in Hong Kong. Tong supports democratic reform involving a middle-ground between Hong Kong and Beijing.

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