Scholarships, Fellowships and Stipends**

Rutgers University works with all MA students to achieve scholarships and stipends for their MA degree with RUTGERS GradFund.  Please visit:  Grad FUND Along with the scholarships listed below, Rutgers has compiled many opportunities for potential and current UNMA students and encourages all of you to reach out to their department and make an appointment to meet.   Please view this Power point presentation here to get you started.  

Pivot Database - this is a larger and more technologically advanced database that covers not only funding opportunities but also internships, research, etc. In order to create an account, go to Use email address/Create a password -> Fill out the form and choose Rutgers from the list of Affiliated Member Institutions.
When you search these resources try to be very specific (for example 'United Nations'), but also try broader categories or keywords (for example 'political science')
Once you see something that your might apply for, create an excel sheet listing all funding opportunities with their deadlines. That will allow you to create your own mini database and timeline that you can follow as you apply for funding and not to miss important stuff.

This scholarship information is researched on behalf of any student applying into an M.A. program in Political Science.  These scholarships are not sponsored by Rutgers University and it should be noted  that all information and requirements are subject to change throughout the application process.  We encourage all students to apply if they are eligible with a GRAD FUND Advisor and greatly increase your chances to secure funding for your degree. 

**Each category is categorized based on what is known at the time, it is highly suggested that if you are seeking scholarship, you research each one to determine for yourself if you are eligible. You will also be fully responsible to research due dates, requirements and directions on how to apply in the event that this database is incorrect.

For Study Abroad opportunities - please reach out to Rutgers Global for their scholarships.  Be sure to check out the USA State Department Study Abroad Program for other scholarship opportunities that may be suitable for your studies.  

The most notable MA degree scholarships for our program is with Eagleton Fellowship and the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund.  Please be aware of their deadline dates.