This pages lists numerous resources that prospective and current MA students are invited to explore in order to find funding opportunities.

Rutgers University provides assistance to the graduate students seeking scholarships, fellowships, and stipends for their MA degree through Rutgers Grad Fund Please visit Grad Fund Power Point presentation here to get you started. We encourage all UNMA and Alumni to attend the Grad Fund workshops located here.  

The most notable MA degree scholarships for our Rutgers graduate programs are with Eagleton FellowshipRAAA Rites of Passage Graduate Scholarship​ and the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund.  Please visit Rutgers Fellowships to learn more about what could be available for the Rutgers MA students.

Pivot Database - this is a larger and more technologically advanced database that covers not only funding opportunities but also internships, research, etc. In order to create an account, go to Use email address/Create a password -> Fill out the form and choose Rutgers from the list of Affiliated Member Institutions. Please reach out to associates at Rutgers Grad Fund for assistance. 

Below you will find scholarship information which is provided for the benefit any student applying to any M.A. program in Political Science.  These scholarships are not sponsored by Rutgers University.  Please note, all information, deadlines and other requirements are subject to change by the relevant donor or sponsor.  We encourage all prospective and current students to contact Grad Fund Advisor who can work with you to greatly increase your chances to secure funding for your degree.