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Prospective students may also fill out "Request Information" form below or email M.A. program at

As we are actively using emails for communication, when contacting UNMA staff below please make sure to copy (Cc) to ensure we respond to your query as soon as possible.

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Request Information

Roland Rich
Vice Chair, MA Program in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies
Room:  Hickman 610 - Phone: (848) 932-1765

Dilafruz Nazarova

Associate Director of the MA Program in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies 
Room: Hickman 312

*During AY 2022-23 the M.A. program faculty and staff will be operating remotely 2 days a week due to COVID-19 and the university flexplan program. Please, contact Roland Rich or Dilafruz Nazarova via email if you have questions about the program.


Visitors may wish to view directions to Hickman Hall.  Visitors to the University can purchase a visitor parking permit for the cost of $5.00 a day.  Purchase your Visitor Permit here.  The parking lot for Hickman Hall is Lot 79. **If you are using a GPS system, input MGSA Douglass Campus for the correct directions to the Hickman Hall building.  Our two buildings, share a parking lot and MGSA has a better imprint on GPS that utilizes jug handles and correct traffic patterns.  If you input Hickman Hall, the GPS will put your car in the middle of a busy street with no access to parking.  You can also input Parking Lot 79 Douglass Campus or Douglass Parking Deck and purchase a one time visitors parking pass. Once you park at the deck, walk to the south side of the Student Center, down the path toward the Wood Lawn Mansion and over the George Street walking bridge to Hickman Hall.  

All university buildings are CLOSED to outside visitors and drop ins.  Please note during 2022-23 AY, the M.A. program faculty and staff will be operating both in person and remotely due to COVID-19 and will hold no in person meetings until we are deemed safely to do so or by appointment . All meetings will be arranged via video conferencing or an email request for an appointment. Please do not visit the buildings without an appointment at this time.  

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