Alumni Voices

Christian Alvarez (Class of 2016)

“Since my admittance into the MA program at Rutgers I was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) funded by the U.S. State Department, allowing me to study abroad in Oman for a two-month period. This highly competitive scholarship could not have been possible without the assistance and guidance provided to me from my professors at Rutgers. I also had the opportunity take part in an internship at the Rutgers Eagleton Institute. Additionally, I was recently accepted into the PhD program in political science, a goal unattainable had it not been for the outstanding education offered by the masters program. The superb academics and outstanding support provided by the staff has made many of my goals attainable. I am proud to be a graduate of the MA program at Rutgers University”

Mazhar Syed (Class of 2016)

“I joined UN MA program in Fall 2014, the program's first semester. The program has developed and grown a lot with wide variety of focus. Classes provided theoretical and practical knowledge for students to critically analyze policies in a global scale. As the program continues to increase in number of students, more internship opportunities as well as career advising  has been incorporated into the program for students to take advantage of”