Advising - MA

roland and students

Students enrolled in the UNMA program must have an advisor that will guide them throughout the program. For that, students are encouraged to contact the faculty based on the selected concentration during their first semester in the program or as early as possible.

Matriculated students must make an appointment to meet with a "Triage Advisor" within 3 weeks of entering the UNMA:  either the Program Director, Director of Development, or appointed UNMA faculty member Dr. Engy Abdelkader.  The Triage Advisor reviews the student's interests and proposed course of study and recommends a permanent advisor.  

  1. Democracy, Participation & Community - Dr. Roland Rich
  2. Human Rights, Gender Equality & International Law - Dr. Dilafruz Nazarova
  3. Conflict Resolution, Counter-Terrorism & Cyber Security - Dr. Eric Davis
  4. Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development & Security - Dr. Ghaidaa Hetou
  5. Development, the Environment and Public Health - Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Gulbahor Dashevskky