Harrison (Harry) Burke, a January 2019 graduate of the UNMA program, recently started working as the Staff Associate at the University of Southern California’s Center for the Political Future in Los Angeles. The mission of the Center for the Political Future is to advance civil dialogue and research that transcends partisan divisions and finds solutions to our most pressing national and global challenges. The Center’s events, programs, scholarships, and internships inspire and train students for careers in public service and lifetimes of civic engagement.

Hired in June, Harry works closely with the Center’s Director, Robert M. Shrum, and Co-Director, Mike Murphy. Mr. Shrum was a long-time Democratic strategist for presidential candidates like John Kerry, Al Gore, and Ted Kennedy. Mr. Murphy was a Republican strategist for John McCain, Arnold Scharzenegger, and Jeb Bush as well as several others. He is their assistant, working on their calendars and correspondence. Harry also assists with various projects at the Center such as helping to write questions for panel discussions or assisting the Executive Director with other tasks whenever needed.

On a personal note, he is loving Los Angeles weather compared with New Jersey, though he says he could do without the LA traffic!

Check out the site here: https://dornsife-center-for-political-future.usc.edu/staff/nathan-small/