aboutPolitical Science at Rutgers is the joint enterprise of a diverse faculty and students from all parts of the nation and abroad.  They share the use of extensive resources, joining together in classes, informal and spontaneous activities, formal decision-making bodies, and collaborative research.  Their common interest and aspiration is to acquire, exchange and use an ever more profound knowledge of political affairs.

Graduate courses in political science are grouped into three categories on the basis of their focus.  In each of the eight substantive areas, there are core courses (proseminars) which survey the major literature and methodology of the field, and which are required of all students preparing that field.  A second group of offerings focus on the literature and research techniques of more specialized subjects.  Readings, oral reports, and short research assignments are emphasized.  At a more advanced level, small research seminars emphasize individual focused scholarship.  Most graduate work is taken in courses of the first two categories, but all students benefit from the intense research experience of advanced seminars.