Political Science graduate students attend class

The PhD program provides cutting-edge training in a supportive environment. Our approach is methodologically pluralistic, encouraging the use of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research. Classes are small and students work closely with faculty in their field, who often co-author articles with their students, in addi-tion to providing mentorship throughout students’ own research.

All students who are admitted to the program are offered funding packages that cover tuition expenses and a combination of fellowship stipends and positions as teaching assistants (TAs) or research assistants (GAs) to provide living expenses. Funding is limited, and so we also admit students who are supported by outside scholarships.

Being located within easy reach of New York, Trenton, Newark, Philadelphia and Washington, the program has extensive resources for pursuing advanced studies and research in politics. Rutgers is a member of the Inter-University Doctoral Con-sortium, which allows our graduate students to take courses at other universities in the area, including Columbia University, New York University, the New School, and Princeton University.