Undergraduate Program

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Our undergraduate political science program is grounded in the classics yet oriented toward the future.

We start with ancient Greek political thought to lay the foundations for understanding political action. These and more modern political philosophers suggest ways to live and to govern the community.

We build on those foundations with modern quantitative analysis, institutional exploration of American government, comparative analysis of the world, and practical internship experience.

Students learn strong critical thinking and communication skills.

We explore what “is” and what “ought to be.”

We will expose you to normative understandings of the world while giving you the tools to confront and critique the modern world.

The degree combines political philosophy, public policy, international comparisons, entrepreneurial action, and practical experience.

Our students follow many career paths, from the law to business, government service, diplomacy, and social activism.

We’re proud of our students.


Greetings SAS Students!

We are a month away from the start of the Fall 2020 semester – we hope you’re enjoying the summer!  We know that students are eager to know more about the new, remote semester format, so we’re writing to you early to help you plan for a successful term. 

There are quite a few changes to the registration deadlines and policies for the fall 2020 term, all designed to facilitate a smooth transition into your remote classes, as well as assure continued success throughout the term.  Please retain this email message so that you can refer to it for information as we approach the first day of classes (Tuesday September 1).


Remote Learning

As you know, just about all undergraduate courses will be offered remotely via the internet in the fall 2020 term. 

The Schedule of Classes has been fully updated to indicate exactly how each class will be organized.  Look up each of your courses in the Schedule of Classes to review the Course Format, the Section Comments, and the Course Notes.

Course Format:  In a WHITE box adjacent to each individual Index Number:

If the course format includes Days of the Week and Times, then the class meets live remotely, usually using Zoom or WebEx.   You are required to be logged-in and in virtual attendance at those times.  This format, sometimes referred to as SYCHRONOUS REMOTE, emulates the face-to-face classroom experience and all students will be meeting together with the instructor at the designated times.  You can ignore the Campus Location since the course is meeting remotely.

If the course format states Hours by Arrangement, then the class does not have specific meeting times, rather the course site will indicate specific weekly requirements and assignment due dates.   In addition, flexible opportunities to meet with TAs, instructors, and classmates via Zoom or WebEx will be a part of these classes.  This format, sometimes referred to as ASYNCHRONOUS REMOTE, provides flexibility for students who have difficulty being logged in at a particular time while we are operating in this remote environment including those that are now in other time zones.  These courses still require the same number of hours per week as more traditional course formats and meet the same learning goals.  These courses ARE NOT self-paced; there is a weekly schedule of assignments and work submission beginning the first week of classes and opportunities for live, remote, interaction.

If the course format includes both a specific meeting time AND Hours by Arrangement, then the course meets live remotely, usually using Zoom or WebEx, at the specified time.   You are required to be logged in and in virtual attendance at those times.  The courses ALSO contains more flexible weekly requirements that you will complete online.  This format, sometimes referred to as HYBRID REMOTE, often allows recitations to meet live remotely as a group.


Section Notes:  In a BLUE box located above each specific section of the course.  The section comments include:

  • How to access the course online using CanvasSakai or an alternative Learning Management System
  • Topics Course Subtitles
  • Prerequisite information
  • Registration restrictions
  • Software/technology requirements such as the need for a Webcam, Microphone, Scanner and/or Test-Taking Authentication Program.  For resources, visit the Student Tech Guide and for financial assistance to acquire need technology, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Course Notes:  In a GREY box located under the title of the course.  The course notes include:

  • SAS Core goals
  • Instructions for seeking special permission
  • Registration limitations and course equivalences

 You may also be able to find more information by visiting Department web pages.

Registration Policies and Deadlines

Classes begin Tuesday, September 1.  Please log in to Canvas and Sakai (or any other LMS listed in the Schedule of Classes for your courses) on Tuesday, September 1 to begin your classes.


WebReg and Registration Changes

Continuing Students may use WebReg now to make schedule adjustments.  The add/drop period extends through September 14.

New, first-year students, will be receiving their schedules on August 20, and will be able to use WebReg to make adjustments beginning Tuesday, August 25, extending through September 14.

SAS Students may add and drop classes without a W through September 14, but must retain a full-time registration of at least 12 credits.

SAS Students may withdraw from individual classes with a W through November 30, as long as they retain 12 credits of active registration.

SAS Students may withdraw from all classes by taking a Leave of Absence through November 30.


Class Attendance Changes

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8:  attend MONDAY classes

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25:  attend FRIDAY classes


Advising and Registration Assistance


Help is just a mouse-click away!  Like you, SAS Advisors are working remotely although the physical Advising Centers are closed.  But, we are here to assist you through a range of channels:

Need help registering or adjusting your schedule:  Advisors are available for Live Chat weekdays 9am-5pm EST

Want to reach us by email?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Virtual Live Advising Appointments:  Need to speak with an advisor for long term planning?  Call 848-932-8888 to set up a virtual appointment.  Advisors are happy to meet with you using Zoom or WebEx.