Programmatic Objectives:

Our program cultivates career professionals to understand complex global policy topics with the hard skills to operate successfully in international organizations, corporations, and non-profit institutions. Through rigorous academic training, our graduates develop comprehensive critical thinking, research, and policy analysis expertise, as well as an extensive knowledge-base of international policies and topics necessary to excel in the arena of international affairs, development, and more. 

Career Paths:

The UNMA provides an excellent preparation for those seeking to pursue careers in international affairs,  whether in the diplomatic service, the Peace Corps, the United Nations, International Governmental  Organizations (IGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), or the Academy.   Our degree program prepares our students for multiple careers, whether in human rights, social and economic development, disarmament,  conflict analysis, peacemaking, gender empowerment, environmental research, cyber security, public health  and preservation of world heritage.