• Robert Schub
  • Robert Schub
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  • Specialties:

    International Security; Leaders; Bureaucracy; US Foreign Policy

  • Bio:

    Prof. Schub's research addresses international security with a focus on (1) the senior officials who make decisions regarding war and peace, (2) the uncertainty they confront when making these decisions, and (3) the soldiers who bear the costs of these decisions. His book project addresses how assessment processes contribute to the outbreak of international conflict with an emphasis on the bureaucratic roots of leader beliefs. Related studies further address the role of advisers in formulating foreign policy and disentangle the disparate effects of uncertainty on leader decisions. In other work Prof. Schub studies the individuals who bear the costs of war with a focus on racial dimensions of burden sharing and service-member attitudes toward conflict.

    Before coming to Rutgers, he was an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oxford, and received his PhD from the Department of Government at Harvard University. During his spare time he heads outdoors with his wife and kids to hike and explore.

  • Teaching:

    At Rutgers:

    01:790:102 - Introduction to International Relations

    01:790:322 - Strategy in International Relations

    At University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    POLS 160: International Relations
    POLS 263: Causes of War
    POLS 398: Leaders and World Politics
    POLS 463: US Foreign Policy and the Use of Military Force
    POLS 860: Core Seminar in International Politics

  • Publications:

    “Informing the Leader: Bureaucracies and International Crises.” American Political Science Review, 2022,
    116(4), 1460-1476.

    “The Character and Origins of Military Attitudes on the Use of Force” with Tyler Jost and Kaine
    Meshkin. International Studies Quarterly, 2022, 66(2).

    “Alliance Dynamics in the Shadow of Shifting Power” with Colin Krainin. International Studies Quarterly, 2021, 65(4), 905-918.
    “Segregation, Integration, and Death: Evidence from the Korean War” with Connor Huff. International
    Organization, 2021, 75(3), 858-879.

    “At War and at Home: The Consequences of US Woman Combat Casualties” with Connor Huff and
    Dara Kay Cohen. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2021, 65(4), 647-671.
    “When Prospective Leader Turnover Promotes Peace.” International Studies Quarterly, 2020, 64(3), 510-

    “The Inter-Temporal Tradeoff in Mobilizing Support for War” with Connor Huff. International Studies
    Quarterly, 2018, 62(2), 396-409.

    “Accounting for Extra-Dyadic Sources of International Outcomes” with Muhammet Bas and Omer
    Orsun. International Interactions, 2018, 44(4), 777-800.

    “Peaceful Uncertainty: When Power Shocks Do Not Create Commitment Problems” with Muhammet
    Bas. International Studies Quarterly, 2017, 61(4), 850-866.

    “Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Uncertainty and Conflict in International Relations” with
    Muhammet Bas. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, September 2017.

    “Unfair Fights: Power Asymmetry, Nascent Nuclear Capability, and Preventive Conflict.” Conflict
    Management and Peace Science, 2017, 34(4), 431-455.

    “Mutual Optimism as a Cause of Conflict: Secret Alliances and Conflict Onset” with Muhammet Bas.
    International Studies Quarterly, 2016, 60(3), 552-564.

    “How Uncertainty about War Outcomes Affects War Onset” with Muhammet Bas. Journal of Conflict
    Resolution, 2016, 60(6), 1099-1128.

    Projects and Working Papers

    “Wars of Ignorance: Leaders, Bureaucracies, and Certainty in International Crises.” Under review.
    This book manuscript addresses the causes and consequences of certainty in the decision for war.
    It emphasizes the informational role of advisers and bureaucracies in shaping leaders’ assessments.

    “Bureaucracy and Cyber Coercion” with Heidi Demarest and Tyler Jost. Conditional acceptance at International Studies Quarterly.
    “Advisers and Aggregation in Foreign Policy Decision Making” with Tyler Jost, Josh Kertzer, and Eric
    Min. Revise and resubmit at International Organization.

    “Commander Biases and Who Dies in War: Evidence from WWI” with Connor Huff and Eric Min.
    Working paper.

    “Advisory Influence in Foreign Policy Decision-Making” with Tyler Jost, Josh Kertzer, and Eric Min.
    Working paper.

    “The Information-Secrecy Tradeoff in Covert Actions.” Working paper.

    “Are You Certain? Leaders, Overprecision, and War.” Working Paper.

    “Inequality in War” with Connor Huff and Eric Min. Work in progress.

    “Causal Effects of Social Policy on Mortality: Evidence from Randomized Land Redistribution in New
    Zealand” with Evan Roberts and Henry Thomson. Work in progress.

  • Research:

    International Relations

  • Curriculum Vitae:


    Personal Webpage https://robertschub.com/ 

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