• Katie Krumbholz
  • Graduate Student
  • Office: Hickman 402
  • American, Public Law, Methods
  • Specialties:

    Political behavior, public opinion, criminal justice policy and reform

  • Bio:

    I am a PhD candidate in political science studying American politics, public law, and methodology. More specifically, as a formerly incarcerated individual, I am interested in how experiences with the criminal justice system interact with other mechanisms to shift citizen preferences for criminal justice reform. I am also an avid data scientist with particular interests in social network analysis and text analysis. I received my BA in political science from the University of Iowa in 2017 with an emphasis in international relations. I also completed my MA in political science at Iowa State University in 2019 with an emphasis in public policy. My thesis was titled “Felon Disenfranchisement and Political Culture” and looked at the role of political culture in determining the severity of a state’s disenfranchisement policies. Prior to resuming my education, I accumulated fifteen years of administrative and reporting experience across multiple industries, including financial services, sales, production, and transportation.