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Fariha Sheikh

  • Story Title: Innovation Product Analyst at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Student Profile: Sheikh, Fariha
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Transitioning from a Summer 2022 internship at NJEDA, Fariha Sheikh is now working full-time with the State authority to support New Jersey’s start-up ecosystem by providing funding to new entrepreneurial ventures. In her role as a Product Analyst with the Innovation Programs team, Fariha assists in the creation and administration of programs, reviews applications, and facilitates interactions with internal and external stakeholders. She is currently working on developing a program that utilizes $20 million from a federal funding source to match angel investors’ capital in NJ’s startups. Fariha’s undergraduate degree in Business Management, and ongoing UNMA degree, has provided tremendous insight into her work that is at the intersection of business and policy making. Her focus areas include social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, impact investing and economic development.