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Tonia Flatt

  • Story Title: Immigration law paralegal
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Since October 2020, Tonia Flatt has been working full-time in immigration, family, and traffic law with the Odunlami Law Firm in Morristown, New Jersey. At the start of her employment, she was one of two legal assistants at this boutique law firm. Within 2 years, Tonia has helped the firm grow exponentially by providing new means to reach potential clients and training nearly all new staff. In September 2021, Tonia was promoted to lead immigration paralegal.

As lead immigration paralegal, Tonia gets to help immigrants achieve their American Dream. Many of the clients Tonia interacts with have survived devastating situations such as spousal abuse, parental abuse and neglect, human trafficking, or were victims of crimes. In this position, she interprets for Spanish-speaking clients, conducts intake and declaration interviews, writes declarations and affidavits, finds creative solutions to USCIS document requirements, performs document collection, legal research, and provides legal and procedural guidance to clients.