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Emma Passey

  • Story Title: Research and Communication Associate with the Global Peace Foundation
  • Student Profile: Passey, Emma
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In the summer of 2022, Emma Passey fulfilled her internship at the Global Peace Foundation as a Research and Communication Associate. The Global Peace Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that promotes the involvement of private and public sector partners in its innovative approaches to peace-building around the world. Through her internship at the GPF, Emma was able to attend and take part in the International Religious Freedom Summit located in Washington, D.C, where she was able to learn more about infringements on religious liberty and human rights violations both in the United States and across the globe. Emma’s internship at the Global Peace Foundation has led to her involvement as a Research Analyst for GORSTRA Research Group, an organization led by emerging young leaders around the world that provides non-biased reports on human rights issues in areas of crisis and conflict. As a result, Emma will further serve as a liaison between GORSTRA and the Global Peace Foundation for the remainder of the semester prior to graduating UNMA in January 2023.