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Shetal Oza

  • Story Title: Eagleton Fellow, NJ Department of Environmental Protection
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In the academic year of 2021-22, Shetal Oza was selected as a fellow with the Graduate Fellowship Program for Politics and Government with the Eagleton Institute of Politics here at Rutgers University.  During the spring semester, Shetal worked as an Intern in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of the Deputy Commissioner - Legal, Regulatory, and Legislative Affairs. Her work with the Deputy Commissioner in Trenton revolves around solar policy like increasing the use of solar power, building and maintaining efficient solar sites, and researching new developments in solar research and technology. Shetal is heavily involved in researching and coordinating across the many local and State agencies tasked with facilitating and executing State solar policy. Throughout her internship, Shetal might be pulled onto projects that have urgent deadlines and require policy and writing assistance. After the internship, she was granted a position as a Program Specialist with the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Legal, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs while she completes her masters degree.