• Ajani Philips
  • Story Title: Junior Achievement Program Manager
  • Student Profile: Phillips, Ajani
  • Ajani Phillips

Ajani Phillips is a second-semester UNMA student with the intention of concentrating on Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, and Security. He currently works as a Program Manager with Junior Achievement, a non-profit that connects business professionals with educators and students to implement financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness learning experiences. While completing his bachelor's in Psychology, Ajani conducted a research experiment examining the effects of Socioeconomic Status on individuals' level of Motivation.

Through Junior Achievement, Ajani found that low Socioeconomic status has detrimental effects on an individual's self-efficacy (how capable they perceive themselves to be), ultimately decreasing levels of motivation. This leads to the question,what can we learn from Africa and the Middle East in regards to poverty, resource extraction, and civil conflict? When redeveloping communities, how do we engage local communities in the process? What does liveable outdoor space look like and how can advances in AI and Machine learning stimulate the human psyche within these spaces?

Upon graduating from the UNMA, Ajani aspires to continue grappling with these questions through a career in urban development, project management, and entrepreneurship.