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Gabriela Casco

  • Story Title: Child Migration and Protection Intern for UNICEF USA
  • Student Profile: Casco, Gabriela
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Gabriela Casco is the Child Migration and Protection Intern for UNICEF USA. In this summer internship, Gabriela conducts research and formulates written activation pieces that focus on child migrant policy within the Central America-Mexico-USA migration corridor. The main countries of focus are Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico where Gabriela works closely with child protection specialists of the region to help advocate for human rights policies for children. Due to the current pandemic and political climate, Gabriela assists with proposal writing for UNICEF USA as well as collaborates with domestic and international organizations. Currently, she is working on writing activations that specifically focus on child refugees and the continuation of the asylum-seeking process. This activation will be published on UNICEF USA's website as well as be sent to government officials. Gabriela is utilizing her global policy interdisciplinary background to bring forth policy change for one of the most vulnerable populations in the country.