• Yizhong Yang

Yizhong Yang, as a UNMA first year student, has published an article 'The Implication of China’s Diplomacy in APEC and ASEAN' in Modern Diplomacy! In fact, Yizhong is a regular contributor on East Asia to the Modern Diplomacy (www.moderndiplomacy.eu) - EU platform for assessing and evaluating complex international issues that are often outside the boundaries of mainstream Western media and academia. Yizhong received his BA in Diplomacy from Jiling University (China) where he also received numerous scholarships for being an outstanding student and excellent scholar. Moreover, Yizhong's academic and practical experience extends to Japan and South Korea. "I would like to describe myself with three words. First and foremost is Hardworking - I have been working hard during my undergraduate study so that I am admitted by our estimated UNMA program. The second word is Energetic - I am always ready to accept any kinds of challenges. The last one is Experienced - my undergraduate study in China endowed me some opportunities that I valued very much, including studying abroad and some internships, all of which made me quite experienced on many issues". Read Yizhong's article.