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Arshi Shukla

  • Story Title: CJA Internship in NYC
  • Student Profile: Shukla, Arshi
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In Fall of 2019, Arshi was selected to intern at the New York City -Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) where she interviews defendants who were previously detained to look at how their lives are impacted in areas of employment, housing, family, mental/physical health and financial burden. She conducts research on how there can be a decrease in detention rates for defendants who return to court without bail. Hence,Arshi provides information about arrest patterns, arraignment outcomes, and failure-to-appear rates in Criminal and Supreme Court. On the technical side, Arshi states, "I code and clean data provided by the New York Police Department and city and state government as well as the data the research team has collected. It has been an amazing experience to work for CJA to collaborate with all of these different agencies! "