• Farrukh Salim

Students on the Move: How do you usually spend your summer? Our very own Farrukh Salim had a very productive summer in Pakistan last year, enjoying the beauty of his native country and sharing his expertise on the US-Pakistan relationship. Here is a snapshot and brief overview of his conversation on the 'Current Affairs' show by 'Khyber News' which is widely viewed in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"In one of his first tweets of the new year, President Donald Trump lamented Pakistan, an ally in the war on terror, for deceiving the US while accepting billions of dollars in assistance and aid. This tweet generated a massive uproar in Pakistan. The media, civil society, and the government responded by citing its sacrifices in the war on terror and citing the thousands of lives lost as well as the economic cost of the war. This TV program discussed the Pakistani government's response to the tweet. The participants in the program are: retired army officer Saeed Nazir, Director of News and Current Affairs Khyber News Hassan Khan, and UNMA student Farrukh Salim. The army officer said Pakistan needed to respond by cutting off cooperation with the US in intelligence until the US respects Pakistan's sacrifices. Hassan Khan said Pakistan needs to alter its approach and align with other strategic partners in the region as well as convincing the US of its policy. Farrukh Salim said the Pakistani government has overreacted to the tweet, as the President usually tweets on various issues which do not necessarily reflect policy. Salim also said Pakistan needed to engage with the US on various levels to mutually tackle the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan".

Way to go Farrukh!