• Jennifer Garcia
  • Story Title: NGO Committee of the Status of Women
  • Student Profile: Garcia, Jennifer
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I have always had a natural affinity to people and civil society. In the field of international relations, I find that there is no greater strength than empathy and understanding. This is why volunteering at the NGO Committee on the Status of Women was so empowering. At the parallel events to the 63rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, I served as a guide to people from around the world who are genuinely invested in improving the lives of women and girls. In between shifts, I was able to attend sessions related to topics I had no prior knowledge of, had some knowledge of and others which I care deeply for. I met journalists and organizers returning from Venezuela where they were collecting data on the lack of social protection for women and girls. I was inspired by their courage, passion and sense of urgency. The last session I oversaw discussed women at the Mexican border. I was immediately drawn to YWCA El Paso CEO, Dr. Sylvia Acosta, one of the panelists. Dr. Acosta held pack tears recounting testimonies of the border and I held mine back as I listened. These experiences and connections will help me as I plan to volunteer at the Southern border this summer and in my future.