• Jeniffer Allen
  • Story Title: Program Director of the Virginia Service and Conservation Corps, an AmeriCorps Program within Virginia State Parks.
  • Student Profile: Allen, Jeniffer
  • Jeniffer Allen

We here at Rutgers are very proud of all our students in the UNMA program. Some have awe –inspiring achievements as they pursue their MA degree. UNMA student Jeniffer Allen is not only a student, but she takes on the role of Program Director for AmeriCorps programs in the Virginia State Parks. Jeniffer works for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

“AmeriCorps is a federal program that places more than 75,000 men and women in intensive service each year to help communities tackle pressing problems while mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve.

Jeniffer supports agency programs and specialized activities that relate to community and veteran engagement. Jeniffer is also in charge of AmeriCorps recruitment, and during their service offers support for volunteer programs, and community service. Jeniffer collaborates with the AmerCorps central office staff, park managers and other field staff as well as outside organizations and stakeholders; supporting marketing/outreach and administration. Jeniffer is also helping to develop AmeriCorps programs by assisting with grant development; recruitment and training for diverse AmeriCorps members. Her responsibilities as the director also has her managing budget creation, implementation and reconciliation as well as tracking and preparing multiple reports on outcomes and deliverables; represent the agency and its volunteer programs at networking events and conferences.