• Omar Lamrabat

Omar Lamrabat is 2023 graduate with Master’s degree in the United Nations and Global Policy Studies (UNMA) program at Rutgers University. Before starting his graduate studies, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior (EPIB) program at Rutgers University. While getting his bachelor’s degree, Omar interned at NJ Audubon, an environmental education and conservation advocacy organization.   

Omar is passionate, goal-driven, efficient, and eager to learn in any professional environment that he may find himself in. With his background in policy and interest within the cyber security aspect of the ever-growing technological infrastructures, Omar has gone on to attain his Cloud practitioner certification and plans on getting his Solutions Architect certification as well as a specialized certification in Cyber security, specifically within Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

He is also proficient in the Arabic language which he picked up from his numerous travels to Morocco.