Kholoud Metwally is an M.A. student in the Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies Program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. She previously graduated from New Brunswick with a degree, majoring in political science and minoring in Economics. Her academic interest involves international law, global policy, political analysis, war theories, and security studies concerning arms control agreements and the comprehensive dynamics of proliferation and non-proliferation theories.

During her studies, Kholoud gained practical experience through an internship at a congressional campaign with Zina Spezakis. She researched various projects and communicated with district citizens to gather data, which motivated her to obtain a Data Analytics Certificate. During her M.A. program, she interned at a law firm in New York, where she conducted legal research and assisted in drafting legal documents. She is also currently preparing for an internship at the Office of Assemblyman Sterley Stanley of the 18th Legislative District during the summer of 2024. In the future, she hopes to make an impact on public and international policy by applying her educational background and experience to address international challenges and advocate for positive change.