Samantha Agtarap is a dedicated Master of Arts candidate majoring in Political Science, specializing in United Nations and Global Policy studies. Her academic pursuits reflect her deep-seated commitment to advocating for marginalized communities and fostering inclusive development initiatives. 

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work and a minor in Childhood Studies from Stockton University, Samantha brings a comprehensive understanding of social dynamics and community engagement to her academic endeavors. While studying at Rutgers University, she worked as a graduate student assistant in both the Asian American Cultural Center and the Department of Political Science. This experience has helped her develop a sharp eye for detail, strong business skills, and expertise in project management.

Driven by her passion for female empowerment, humanitarian aid, and racial equality, Samantha has honed her expertise in human and women’s rights. Her academic specialization in United Nations and Global Policy studies has further ignited her interest in international affairs and humanitarian service.

As she completes her master's degree, Samantha remains steadfast in her commitment to combatting inequalities and effecting positive change on a global scale. Through her unwavering dedication and diverse skill set, she seeks opportunities to utilize her knowledge and experience to make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide.