• Aubrey Moschberger


Aubrey Moschberger is a current Masters student at Rutgers University, studying Political Science, specifically United Nations and Global Policy. Her areas of interest are human rights, community, and international law. She wishes to focus on indigenous and refugee rights, wanting to work at securing rights and protection for vulnerable groups within those communities.

Politically active, Aubrey has served as a Committeeperson in New Jersey’s Democratic Party in the past. Some of her activities have included canvassing for Clean Water Action and registering voters through Bus For Progress. She has also interned for the Alice Paul Institute in Mount Laurel, NJ, writing about the history of women’s voting rights in New Jersey during the twentieth century and using social media as a medium for education.

Aubrey has an elementary comprehension of Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and German and continues to practice speaking and reading those languages. She is also currently learning French and Irish.

“Globalization has connected societies in both positive and negative ways. It’s important to remember that we are no longer just citizens of our individual states; we are global citizens. We have a responsibility to each other, to the Earth, and to the generations to come.”