• Noah Berkley


Noah Berkley is a M.A. student in the Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies program at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. His research concentrations are in Counterterrorism, Human Security, and Great Power Rivalry. Professionally, Noah worked with AmeriCorps for two years where he provided academic and administrative support to students and staff in various New York City public schools. While he attributes his initial interest in global policy to a New York City upbringing that connected him with people from all over the world, his experience with several students who were impacted by international conflict intensified his desire to make a positive impact. He hopes to make this impact through involvement in US security and/or foreign policy.

Noah is currently interning with the Department of Defense where he is gaining valuable experience in research and analysis in his fields of interest. He is also taking classes in Spanish and ArcGIS to better position himself for these fields on a professional level.