• Sean James McCauley


Sean James McCauley is a 2010 New Jersey City University graduate that studied Secondary Education with a concentration in History and a minor in English. He taught for six years in the Bayonne school district, where he became a leader by focusing on student achievement, spearheading new research-based initiatives, mentored incoming educators, and was a representative for several statewide planning groups. During his time in the classroom, Sean enrolled in an Educational Leadership program at Western Governors University, where he completed his MA in 2016.

Following his year's teaching, Sean joined the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer, a lifelong dream in honor of his father, a Vietnam War veteran. Here, Lieutenant McCauley entered the Department of Defense apparatus as an intelligence analyst at Wright Patterson Air Force Base's National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) in Dayton, Ohio. For three years, the lieutenant supported the mission at NASIC through his intel team and then becoming second in command for the squadron's military personnel. Additionally, Lt. McCauley entered the National Intelligence University during his tenure at NASIC and followed through with his schoolwork while deployed to Afghanistan, where he flew 118 combat missions supporting coalition forces. Sean completed his second master's in Strategic Intelligence in 2020.

Sean returned to New Jersey, where he swore-in to serve his state as a Captain within the New Jersey Air National Guard and enrolled in the UNMA. Captain McCauley was tasked to organize New Jersey's statewide COVID vaccine initiative in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As the ADO for this operation, he utilized his diverse experiences, once again relying on the professionalism and knowledge of his team, to review the data and develop a highly streamlined process that led to 200,000 vaccinations being administered. The captain was highlighted and named Director of Operations for the Vineland Veteran Home support, where his team successfully secured the safety of 250 of New Jersey veterans.

Now, back in the classroom, Sean McCauley looks to leverage his unique and broad experiences to find opportunities to help better the lives of others. He looks for leadership roles in education or positions within the public to focus policies to build towards a stronger future and secure democratic values. Sean’s objectives for his future are best summarized by Aristotle's words, "The essence of life is to serve others and do good."