• Amar Wason

Amar Wason is set to graduate with an M.A from the United Nations & Global Policy Studies Program in October of 2021 with a concentration in Human Rights, Gender Equality, and International Law. He finished his undergraduate studies in only two years, graduating summa cum laude from Rutgers University with a degree in Political Science while double-minoring in Social Justice and Labor Relations.

As the child of a mixed-race, immigrant background, he plans to use the social awareness that the unique nature of his own upbringing has afforded him to fight for those unable to do so on their own accord. Amar’s goal is to attend law school in the Fall of 2021, with hopes of eventually practicing human rights law on an international level.

Before entering the UNMA program, Amar was heavily involved with local politics while interning for a New Jersey State Senator and running a bi-weekly political op-ed column, Disputed Territory, in the school newspaper. He also served as the director of social media for Coming Home--Middlesex County, a non-profit focused on building coalitions and fostering collaborative strategies with public-private partnerships among local government, affordable housing developers and social service providers in order to combat homelessness at the local level.

Having gained significant exposure to the realm of politics at the local level, Amar now seeks to expand on the fundamental principles of democratic governance, equality, and human rights in a global context.

“Whether you think that the world in its current state is worthy of praise or disdain; conservation or change; there are people that don’t have the time, the energy, or the freedom to consider this supposition. They can’t be categorized by a single race, religion, or socioeconomic grouping--they are a demographic spread so far they are invisible. These are the marginalized people, wherever they may be, that will always have the best version of me fighting in their corner.”