• Briana Venditto

Briana Venditto earned a Master’s degree in United Nations and Global Policy in October of 2020. Prior to obtaining a Master’s at Rutgers University, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Rutgers University. Briana has also spent a semester studying Political Science at the University College of London. While studying at Rutgers University, she has worked in a law office for Kenneth Vercammen. She has also worked as a constituent tracking intern for Assemblywoman Pinkin. In Fall of 2019, Briana was selected to work for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in the Management and Reform Department.

Briana Venditto is ambitious, highly organized, and a team player. Her career goal is to work as a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department. 

“I am determined to help people all over the world and being a good leader and a positive agenda.”