• Gus Fessant-Eaton
  • Gus Fessant-Eaton
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  • Degree(s): B.A in History and Political Science, Rutgers University/New Brunswick, - M.A. Political Science, United Nations and Global Policy Studies, Rutgers University/New Brunswick
  • Languages: English, French, Persian
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    ESI- 2019

Gus Fessant-Eaton recently earned his master’s degree at Rutgers University with the UNMA program. In May 2019, he graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in History/Political Science, with a minor in International/Global Studies, Middle Eastern Focus. In April 2019, his undergraduate thesis “Revolution and Political Change through the Imperial Gaze: Iran in the British Press 1905-1911” was presented at the Rutgers Honors Conference and awarded high honors.

Gus’s interests primarily revolve around the complex set of interactions between developed and less developed nations, and the intersections of this topic with global power relations. He is fluent in English, and proficient in Farsi. After completing his Master’s, he would like to either continue his education at the PhD level or do writing/research for a Foreign Policy organization.