• Arshi Shukla

Arshi Shukla started with the UNMA in the Spring 2019. As a graduate student in the United Nations and Global Policy studies program, she is focusing on Cyber Security, Counter-terrorism, and Conflict Resolution. Arshi holds her Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University Newark, School of Criminal Justice. When attending, she was an active member of the Rutgers Newark Pre-Law Society. She is also an active current member of the North Brunswick Police Department Civilian Police Academy. 

Before joining the program, Arshi has interned at the Department of Corrections interviewing inmates to collect data on why the New Jersey recidivism rates have been increasing. As a research intern she was able to have a hands-on approach for the criminal justice system and how it important to know how the system works. 

Arshi is proficient in Gujarati and Hindi after growing up in a diverse community, with a strong influence from a cultured joint family. As a goal of her career path, she would like to promote a positive outlook of the communities she wishes to serve. With the master’s degree, she wants to pursue her career in an investigative field with a concentration in criminal justice and cyber security. Arshi hopes to further her studies in this field to eventually have a career in a government sector.