• Lauren Picone


Lauren Picone is a researcher and analyst who recently received her master’s degree in Political Science-United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers University in January 2020. At Rutgers, she focused on conflict resolution, peacebuilding, ethnic and civil conflict, migration, and development. Prior to Rutgers, Lauren received her bachelor’s degree in History with minors in International Studies and Italian from Arcadia University in 2018. 

Her interest in this field has been strengthened through research assistantship positions she has held and academic ventures in London, Rome, and Kassel (Germany) where she had the opportunity to further explore the topics of international politics, migration, human rights, and EU trade and development. She also has a high level of proficiency in Italian and elementary French.

Lauren is passionate about research and analytical work and recently accepted a position as an Intelligence Analyst where she will be working in the 24/7 global security department of a multi-national pharmaceutical company. She is excited to begin this role and grow in the field of global intelligence.