Student Profiles

Solarz, Mateusz

Mateusz Solarz is a first-year (accelerated) MA student in in the UNMA Political Science program at Rutgers University. Prior to commencing his studies, Mateusz completed his BA at Rutgers University, double majoring in history and political science. Mateusz graduated Summa Cum Laude and was designated both an honors scholar and a Paul Robeson scholar. As an undergraduate, Mateusz was in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, an Eagleton Institute of Politics Undergraduate Associate, and completed an honors thesis through the History Department titled, “Women in the Era of Solidarność and Democratization in Poland: The Continuity and Reimagining of Matka Polka,” which received high honors. Throughout all four undergraduate years, he worked for Rutgers Recreation, eventually being promoted to Supervisor. Mateusz was also a campaign fellow on the Andy Kim for Congress Campaign and an intern in the District Office of Congressman Andy Kim.

In the Summer prior to commencing graduate studies, Mateusz completed an internship with the Bureau of Legislative Affairs at the US State Department. After completing his graduate studies, Mateusz is seeking to leverage his internship experiences and his academic background to fulfill his professional goal in life, which is to enter public service. Preferably, this would lead him a diplomatic role at the State Department as a civil or foreign service officer. Within this role, he would like to be involved in political affairs and/or intelligence, as it would most align with his personal and intellectual interests.

Mateusz lives by the slogan of “Just Do It.” If an exciting opportunity presents itself, he is willing to take it. Public service is not the most lucrative career path, but he is willing to “Just Do It” because he interested in foreign policy and helping others. Mateusz is not after wealth and celebrity; he is just interested in doing what he feels is right.