Student Profiles

Semeniuk, Albert


Albert Semeniuk continues to work on honing communication and analytical skills developed during his years in corporate business environments for a transition to a career in government policy and political study. He has multiyear experience working for technology firms such as Experian and British Telecom.

Albert has returned to Rutgers, after earning his B.A. in Political Science & History in 2008, to complete an M.A., looking to leverage this graduate study into opportunities for careers found both domestically or overseas. He is currently investigating becoming a Foreign Service Officer and is deciding between the Public Diplomacy or an alternative track.

“Having graduated near the peak of the Great Recession, I fought for and began the best careers I could find. However, after a decade of building experience outside the field of politics, I’ve decided to get back to my original inspiration.”

Albert loves to read and can be frequently found consuming political and business news, biographies, magazine essays, and a healthy dose of science fiction. He enjoys spending time with his wife on their adventurous road trips, winning in tabletop games against his friends, going camping, skiing, and playing tennis.