Faculty Achievements

Fall 2018

Summer 2017

  • Robert Kaufman's (co-authored with Stephan Haggard) book Dictators and Democrats: Masses, Elites and Regime Change was named a co-winner of the 2017 Best Book Award from the APSA Section on Comparative Democratization.
  • Eric Davis served as Senior Adviser to the Atlantic Council’s Task Force on the Future of Iraq, chaired by Ambassador Ryan Crocker, whose report was released on May 31st..

Spring 2017

  • Mona Lena Krook has been selected as one of 35 scholars from around the country to be in the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Class of 2017. She intends to use the fellowship to conduct additional research on, and write a book about, violence toward and harassment of women in politics.
  • Jefferson Decker has been awarded a 2017 Summer Stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities in order to research his forthcoming book, Bull: The Stock Market and the Politics of Financial Security, 1974-2000. For further information, see: https://www.neh.gov/news/press-release/March2017Grants
  • Jack Levy is speaking at a March 30-31 conference at Columbia University on “America in a Time of War: City, Economy and Politics in World War 1 and After,” on the occasion of the centennial of the US entry into the war.
  • Eric Davis was invited to lecture on "Iraq in its Geo-Political Context: Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabic," by the Italian Navy.Dr. Davis delivered his lecture at the naval base in Venice's historic Arsenale, founded in 1104, the first industrial complex in the world whose ships enabled Venice to dominate much of Italy and the Mediterranean Basin.
  • Shatema Threadcraft's book "Intimate Justice: The Black Female Body and the Body Politic", was awarded the 2016 W.E.B. DuBois Distinguished Book Award from the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

Fall 2016

  • Eric Davis received a grant from the IREX Foundation to train youth group leaders from all parts of Iraq this past December at the University of Kufa in Iraq.  The training is part of a larger youth project which is being developed by Professor Davis under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair for Inter-Faith Dialogue Studies at the University of Kufa.

Spring 2016

  • Andrew Murphy won a major SAS teaching award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.
  • Tom Glynn’s book,  Reading Publics, New York City’s Public Libraries, 1754-1911 has won two significant awards: The 2016 Herbert H. Lehman Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in New York History and the 2015-2016 New York City Book Awards Hornblower Award for a first book.
  • Shatema Threadcraft was awarded Harvard's very prestigious Charles Warren Center's Faculty Fellowship for the Study of American History for this coming year. The 2016-17 Warren Center Faculty Fellowship will be on the theme Imagining History, Doing Politics: The Uses and Disadvantages of the Past.
  • Beth Leech approved as an "International Co-Investigator" on a three-year, four-country more than $1.6 million project that will examine the policy agendas of interest groups and the public. The countries are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. She is the PI for the US portion of the grant. The "Agendas and Interest Groups" project was approved through the European Commission's Open research Areas program.

Fall 2015

  • Roy Licklider briefed analysts of the Defense Intelligence Agency and members of the Joint Staff-Special Operations on Syria
  • An APSA Dissertation Award Named After Stephen Eric Bronner. Stephen Eric Bronner published twice in Reader Supported News: "Netanyahu's Rhetoric" and "Closing the Deal: America, Iran, and the Nuclear Treaty of 2015"
  • Shatema Threadcraft won the APSA's 2015 Okin-Young Award in Feminist Political Theory for her article, "Intimate Injustice, Political Obligation and the Dark Ghetto"  
  • Andrew R. Murphy wrote a review of Redeemer by Randall Balmer on Marginalia
  • Geoffrey Wallace gave an interview to Rutgers Today on his book "Life and Death in Captivity: The Abuse of Prisoners during War”
  • Dan Kelemen published in Foreign Affairs: "Europe's Hungary Problem: Viktor Orban Flouts the Union" and in the Washington Post: "The migrant crisis is exposing Hungary’s slide toward autocracy. Here’s why the E.U. hasn’t cracked down"

Spring 2015

  • Professor Dan Kelemen and recent Rutgers PhD Terence Teo won the award for Best European Union Studies Association (EUSA) Conference Paper 2013, for their paper, "Law and the Eurozone Crisis: Law, Focal Points and Fiscal Discipline." The paper was delivered at the 13th Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association in Baltimore in 2013. The EUSA conference is the largest international gathering of scholars of the European Union
  • Professor Kelemen's book, Lessons from Europe? What Americans can Learn from European Public Policies (CQ Press, 2014) was selected by Foreign Affairs Magazine as one of the "Best Books of 2014 on Western Europe", one of only three books to receive this honor. In February, Professor Kelemen delivered a briefing on the eurozone crisis to a bipartisan/bicameral group of senior Congressional staffers, under the auspices of the Council on Foreign Relation's Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy program
  • Professors Eric Davis and Jean-Marc Coicaud of Rutgers-Newark have received funding for a 2 day international conference, "Youth and the Allure of Terrorism: Identity, Recruitment and Public Diplomacy," that will be held on October 19th and 20th on the New Brunswick campus. This award comes from the Office of New Brunswick Chancellor, Dr. Richard Edwards, and is part of President Robert Barchi's "Initiatives for the First 100 Days of the Strategic Plan"