Welcome to the Center for the Experimental Study of Politics and Psychology (CESPP) at Rutgers!

Walt Whitman

CESPP is directed by Dr. Richard R. Lau, Professor in the Department of Political Science. 

The mission of the CESPP is to promote experimental research in Political Science and other disciplines, and in particular to advance scholarly understanding of decision-making and voting behavior. 

To accomplish this goal the CESPP offers “how to” workshops during the semester, and a state-of the art laboratory facility for conducting research. 

The Center's experimental lab is located on the second floor of the Woodlawn Carriage House on Cook/Douglass Campus in New Brunswick, NJ. The laboratory is equipped with 20 workstations and a supervisor desk. The lab can support a wide range of experiments, including survey, psychology, process-tracing, and behavioral economic experiments. 

We are currently building a subject pool consisting of non-student adults who live in the New Brunswick and Highland Park area. To find out more, please click here.