Jayme Schlesinger
Jayme Schlesinger
Graduate Student
International Relations Theory, Political Theory, Terrorism and Political Violence, Religion and Violence, Behavioral Approaches to Decision-making and Rational Choice Theory

Jayme R. Schlesinger is a doctoral candidate in Political Science. Her research incorporates both her background in international relations theory and political theory to studying questions related to decision-making and effectiveness in terrorism and counterterrorism, as well as conflict studies more broadly. She utilizes both quantitative and qualitative approaches in her dissertation to study patterns in counterterrorism responses and the potential effectiveness of terrorism based on terrorists' manipulations of these patterns. 


Jayme was a 2020-2021 Graduate Fellow in the Rutgers University Center for Historical Analysis. Her teaching experience includes courses in Introduction to Western Political Thought, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science, and Counterterrorism and Democracy.