Gulbahor Dashevskyy, PH.D
Gulbahor Dashevskyy, PH.D
Adjunct Professor /Member of the Graduate Faculty of MA UN
Comparative Politics, International Relations
Gulbahor Dashevskyy Ph.D
Gulbahor Saraeva has obtained her PhD degree from the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University. Her dissertation focuses on Transnational Migration Policy Networks.

Dr. Saraeva is currently an Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member and Adjunct Professor at Department of Political Science and Department of Labor Studies of Rutgers University. She teaches various courses, such as, Comparative Political Economy, Comparative Public Policy, US Immigration Policy and Workers’ Rights, Global Forced Migration, PE UN SDG, Research Methods, Causes of Wars, Refugees and Migration Management, European Politics, Model UN, Politics of Global Food Security, Global Environmental Politics. 
Dr. Saraeva is a Faculty Director for the Rutgers Japan Exchange Program 2017-2018 receiving and taking Japan and American students to respected countries for cultural and academic exchange focusing on Asia Pacific.

Dr. Saraeva obtained a first hand field experience at various international developmental organizations, such as Save the Children Central Asian Regional Office, Education Reform Project Management Unit of the Asian Development Bank, UNAOC, and the World Bank Group. 

Dr. Saraeva participated in Oxford University Summer Academy on Forced Migration at Refugee Studies Center, Oxford, UK in 2015 and European University Institute's Summer School on Migration Policy at EUI Schuman School of Advanced Studies n 2014, receiving excellent knowledge on the issues related to global migration/refugee crisis.

She received research methods trainings from the LINKS Center for Advanced Social Network Analysis (intermediate level social network analysis), the Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (QCA, process tracing, content analysis), and the Quality Matters (online, hybrid course design).

Dr. Saraeva presented research papers at American Political Science Association Annual Convention 2012, International Studies Association Convention 2011, Open Society Foundation DFP Conference 2010, MidWest Political Science Association Annual Convention 2013, and others. 

She received the ICCR scholarship from the Government of India to complete her MA in Politics and Public Administration at University of Pune (2004 - 2006) and Doctoral Fellowship from Open Society Foundation for her Ph.D. in Political Science at Rutgers University (2009-2013).