Title: Politics Literature and the Arts (790:316:A1)

Instructor: Stephen Bronner

Instructor’s E-mail: bronner@rci.rtugers.edu

Days, Times, Location: 06/1311-06/24/11; MTWThF 12:15-5PM;  Scott 201

Syllabus: This course will explore the manner in which fundamental political themes emerge in selected works of twentieth century literature, drama, film, poetry, painting and music. It will also deal with the relation between culture and society through investigations of the public sphere, the culture industry, and other such phenomena. Requirements will include a take-home exam of about 15-18 pages. Class participation will also play a role in the grade. Given the nature of the course, attendance is mandatory.


Required Readings:


1. Critical Theory and Society -- eds. Bronner and Kellner

2. The Fire Next Time -- James Baldwin

3. Caligula and Three Other Plays -- Albert Camus

4. Anti-Semite and Jew—Jean-Paul Sartre

5. Metamorphosis—Franz Kafka

6. Eric Hofer, “The True Believer”

7. Stephen Eric Bronner, “Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Violence of Our

Times” in Logos Vol. 1, No.1 (November, 2001), pgs. (?). www.logosjournal.com