Title: Topics in World Politics: Female Terrorists (790:369:E6)

Instructor: Stephanie Szitanyi

Instructor’s E-mail: sziti13@gmail.com

Days, Times, Location: Session II (06/27/2011-08/04/2011); MW 6:00-10:00pm HSB-106 DC

Office Hours: TBD

Synopsis: No other topic generates as much discussion and controversy as the contemporary debate over ‘terrorism.’ Female terrorists, in particular, have gained attention and prominence in this debate. What is this phenomenon and why are women often willing to resort to such violent tactics? Should women terrorists be studied differently than male terrorists? This course will first examine ‘terrorism’ with a critical eye, looking at the different ways that the subject is framed by various disciplines and authors. It will then move on to consider female terrorists - how are they recruited, what are their strategies, and where are they most prominent - from different regions of the world and within different time periods. Drawing on political science, Women's studies, anthropological and historical accounts, we will discuss the role women have taken in terrorist groups and attacks, and how they have been presented, debated and analyzed in the literature. We will also examine films that depict the role women play as terrorists or as the supporters of terrorist groups and their tactics. By design, this course will be an interactive seminar that requires the close readings of the assigned materials as well as active participation in classroom discussions.