Title: Environmental Politics: US and International (790:350:H6)

Instructor: Knievel

Instructor’s e-mail: tmkpolisci@gmail.com

Days, Times, Location: Session III (7/11/2011-8/17/2011); TTh 6:00-9:55pm; CDL-109 DC

Office Hours: TBD

Synopsis: This class will explore contemporary dynamics of environmental politics at the domestic, comparative and international levels. We will explore the history of environmentalism in the US, including the development of domestic institutions and contemporary debates over pressing foreign policy issues, including climate change, biological diversity preservation, and sustainable development. The class will also compare and contrast US environmental domestic and foreign policies to those of other major international actors, including the EU and China. We will conclude with a discussion of major international environmental regimes for climate change, biodiversity, the trade in hazardous wastes and chemicals, and a discussion of the possible ramifications of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan for global energy policy.