Title: Political Science Seminar: Activism and Advocacy (790:395:A1)

Professor Beth Leech      

Instructor’s E-mail: leech@polisci.rutgers.edu

Dates, Times, Location: Session I (05/31/11-06/24/11); MTWTh 11:10-2:05; HCK 216

Office Hours:
Immediately following each class.

Synopsis: This course focuses on how citizens mobilize and act for social change. Beyond the theoretical underpinnings of citizen advocacy, students will examine organizing from a practical angle as well. Class discussion on the readings will be paired with workshop sessions where students will develop skills necessary to organize. Readings for the class will focus on case studies from the United States and will provide a historical, philosophical, and theoretical context to help students understand the evolution of the organizing tradition and how it has played a role in social change.