Title: Congressional Politics (790:304:B1)

Instructor: Anna Mitchell Mahoney

Instructor’s E-mail: ammitch@rci.rutgers.edu

Dates, Times, Location: Summer I (05/31/2011 - 07/08/2011) MTWTh 10:45-12:40PM; RAB-208

Office Hours: Mondays, 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. and by appointment

Synopsis: This course will examine the United States Congress as an institution, site for citizen participation and instrument of public policy. The first third of the course will illustrate the foundations and processes of Congress. The second will include readings and discussions that highlight Congress as a site for political participation through elections, lobbying, and media critique. In this section, we will also learn about Congress as it interacts with the other two branches of U.S. government, the Courts and the Executive. Finally, in the third section we will examine several pieces of legislation and public policy using Congress and its processes as a lens.