Title: Post-Communist Democracies (790:381:01)              
Michael Rossi
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MW 7:15-8:35pm; Hickman Hall 201 DC
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This advanced upper level course seeks to comparatively examine the various transition paths available to and the specific tasks required for countries transitioning from authoritarian rule to some form of electoral democratic system. A primary objective of this course is to study the "quality" of democracy emerging from post-authoritarian regimes along both institutional and cultural parameters. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical frameworks discussed in class to a country of their choosing in a form of semi-independent research to be presented at the end of the semester as partial fulfillment of course requirements.  Class time will involve a hybrid of formal lectures with group discussion. In addition to the final research project presented at the end of the semester (which will count for about 50% of one's grade), students will be required to submit bi-weekly reaction papers, reflecting their understanding of the material and its relationship with the country of their selected research."