Title: Politics of Search and Seizure (790:410:01)
Instructor: Thomas Smith, Esq.
Instructor’s e-mail: TBD
Days, Times, Locations: W 2:15-5:15 Hickman Hall -117 DC
Office Hours: TBD

Synopsis: The course will explore law the law of search and seizure, the usage of the "exclusionary rule" and actual police and court practices involving the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article One Paragraph Seven of the New Jersey Constitution.  The first part of the course will explore the history of protections from unreasonable search and seizures and the legal and behavioral arguments in favor or in opposition to the exclusionary rule.  The next portion of the course will explore areas of difference between the protections afforded by the United States Constitution and the New Jersey Constitution.  Finally the course will address search and seizure law in three specific areas: automobile, home and person.