Title: Political Science Internship (790:482:01)
Instructor: William Field      
Instructor's E-mail: whfield@rci.rutgers.edu
Days, times, location: M 6:10-7:30 Murray 112 CAC
Office hours: MTh 11-12:30 Hickman 411

Students enrolled in this class will spend at least 140 hours in an off-campus internship placement where they will be use their learned political knowledge in an out-of-classroom setting.  Students find placements on their own, with the advice and consent of the course instructor.  Recent placements have been in law offices, courthouses, political campaigns and offices, and state and federal departments and agencies.  Students most also attend class weekly, where we hear from students and their supervisors about the variety of activities that take place in their work environments.  Enrolment by permission of the instructor, with an approved placement in hand before admission will be granted.