2014 Spring Undergraduate Course Offerings

Course# (with link to
syllabi if available)
Course NameClass PeriodLocationInstructor Name
document 01:790:101:01-13 Nature of Politics M W 1:10pm-2:30pm SC-135 CAC Pauli
document 01:790:101:16 Nature of Politics T H 6:10-7:30pm MU-210 CAC Unden
01:790:101:90,91 Nature of Politics Hours by Arrangement online Vamanu
document 01:790:101:92 Nature of Politics Hours by Arrangement online Doonan
document 01:790:102:01-09 Intro to Int Relations T F 11:30-12:50 SC-123 CAC Poast
pdf 01:790:102:12 Intro to Int Relations M W 7:15-8:35pm FS-AUD Gherasimov
01:790:103:01-10 Comp. Politics M W 7:15-8:35pm ARH-200 D/C Rossi
pdf 01:790:103:12 Comp. Politics T H 5:35-6:55 HSB-106 D/C Marandici
document 01:790:104:01-12 American Government T F 12:35-1:55pm LOR-022 D/C Baker
document 01:790:104:14 American Government T H 7:15-8:35pm HCK-101 D/C Mahoney
01:790:104:90 American Government Hours by Arrangement online Scuderi
pdf 01:790:104:91 American Government Hours by Arrangement online Scuderi
01:790:106:01-10 Law & Politics M W 3:55-5:15pm HCK-101 D/C Levine
document 01:790:106:90 Law & Politics Hours by Arrangement online James
01:790:251:01 Tpcs in PoliSci: Darien Learning Center M 10:55-12:15pm Eagleton Matto
01:790:300:01 Intro to PolSci Methods M H 10:55-12:15pm RAB-206 D/C Saraeva
01:790:300:02 Intro to PolSci Methods M W 7:15-8:35pm CDL-102 D/C Kleinberg
document 01:790:302:01 Amer Party Politics M W 1:10pm-2:30pm MI-100 CAC Hickel
01:790:304:01 Congressional Politics M W 2:15-3:35pm CDL-103 D/C Levine
01:790:305:01 Public Policy Formation T H 3:55-5:15pm LOR-020 D/C Glascock
document 01:790:306:01 American Presidency M H 11:30-12:50pm MI-100 CAC Hickel
document 01:790:307:01 Survey Research T TH 3:55-5:15pm Eagleton Carriage House Redlawsk
document 01:790:308:01 New Jersey Politics H 6:10-9:00pm MI-100 D/C Zellner
01:790:308:80 New Jersey Politics M 6:00-8:50pm RVCC Zellner
document 790:310:01 Govt. Brit& Commonwealth T H 2:15-3:35pm HCK-205 Field
pdf 01:790:314:01 Sub-Sahara Afri Pol. T H 7:15-8:35pm RAB-104 D/C Milburn
document 01:790:315:01 Politics & Culture M W 4:30-5:50pm MU-212 CAC Rossi
document 01:790:315:80 Politics & Culture W 6-8:40 RVCC Mazureanu
pdf 01:790:319:01 Amer Foreign Policy T F 10:55-12:15pm ARH-200 D/C Hetou
01:790:322:01 Strategies International Relations W 11:30-2:30pm SC-101 CAC Jan
01:790:324:01 Causes of War M W 2:50-4:10pm MU-210 CAC Saraeva
01:790:327:90,91 International Political Economy Hours by Arrangement online Teo
01:790:330:01 Interests Groups W 2:15-5:15pm HCK-117 D/C Angevine
01:790:331:01 Urban Politics T 2:15-5:15pm WD Doria
document 01:790:333:01 American Race Relations T H 1:10-2:30 MU-210 CAC Harden
document 01:790:334:01 Pol Black America F 9:50-12:50pm HH-A3 CAC Morgan Smith
document 01:790:335:01 Women & Am Politics W 2:15-5:15pm WD Dittmar
pdf 01:790:338:01 Government and Business T H 2:15-3:35pm HCK-127 D/C Knight
document 01:790:340:01 Law & Society T H 5:35-6:55 ARH-200 D/C Redlawsk
document 01:790:344:01 Public Opinion M H 11:30-12:50pm HH-A6 CAC Kleinberg
document 01:790:349:01 Tpcs in American Politics: Life During the Cold War T H 3:55-5:15pm RAB-001 D/C Decker
document 01:790:350:01 Enviro. Pol US & Intl M W 3:55-5:15pm HCK-218 D/C Knight
pdf 01:790:355:01 Women & Public Policy M H 10:55-12:15pm HSB-201 D/C Gherasimov
document 01:790:357:01 Compar. Polit. Econ M W 3:55-5:15pm ARH-200 D/C Kaufman
01:790:358:01 Globl/Dem/Cont Capit T 5:35-8:35 HCK-612 D/C Alajmi
document 01:790:359:01 Women/Polit Mid East H 9:15-12:15 TH-206 D/C Weirich
pdf 01:790:360:01 Gender and Politics in Global Perspective MW 2:15-3:35pm HCK-210 D/C Krook
01:790:361:01 International Organization T F 10:55-12:15pm HCK-216 D/C Harrison
document 01:790:369:01 Topics in World Pol: Negotiation T TH 7:15-8:35pm HCK-202 D/C Peleg
01:790:369:02 Topics in World Pol:Global Order T F 12:35-1:55pm HCK-118 D/C Harrison
document 01:790:370:01 Tpics in Pol. Theory: Nazism W 10:55-1:55pm RAB-001 D/C Bronner
pdf 01:790:370:02 Topics in Pol. Theory: Queer Theory M 5:35-8:35pm HCK-113 D/C J.R. Price
01:790:372:01 Wst Trad/Hobbes-Mill M W 5:35-6:55pm LOR-115 D/C Threadcraft
document 01:790:373:01 Legal Phil-Rts& Just T H 7:40-9:00 pm VD-211 CAC McFall
document 01:790:373:90 Legal Phil-Rts& Just Hours by Arrangement online McFall
01:790:374:01 Democratic Pol Phil. T H 3:55-5:15pm ARH-200 D/C Unden
document 01:790:376:01 Ampol Thought Fr 1865 M W 3:55-5:15pm CDL-102 D/C Eber-Schmid
01:790:385:01 Arab Pol & Society M W 1:40-3:00pm BE-111 LIV Abdeljaber
pdf 01:790:389:01 US & Japan Foreign Policy M W 5:35-6:55pm HCK-202 D/C Jones
document 01:790:389:03 Tpcs Comp Politics: Military Power in the Arab World M W 2:15-3:35pm LOR-022 D/C Humphreys
document 01:790:395:01 PoliSci Sem: Myth & Reality of Airpower WWII W 9:15-12:15pm HCK-118 D/C Baker
document 01:790:395:04 PoliSci Sem: Ethnic Conflict & Mass Violence W 12:35-3:35 HCK-126 Midlarsky
pdf 01:790:395:05 PoliSci Sem: Politics of Reproduction W 10:55-1:55 HCK-131 D/C Daniels
document 01:790:395:06 PoliSci Sem: The International Politics of American Civil War W 2:15-5:15pm HSB-201 D/C Poast
01:790:395:07 PoliSci Sem: The Arab Spring W 9:15-12:15pm HCK-210 D/C Davis
pdf 01:790:395:08 PoliSciSem: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy W 9:15-12:15pm HCK-114 D/C Wallace, G.
document 01:790:395:09 PoliSciSem: Gender, Race & US Politics W 12:35-3:35 HCK-129 D/C Sanbonmatsu
pdf 01:790:395:10 PoliSciSem: Latino Politics H 10:55-1:55pm HCK-207 D/C Wallace, S.
document 01:790:395:11 PoliSci Sem:Equality, Justice, & The Supreme Court on Higher Education and Affirmative Action W 9:50-12:50pm SC-219 CAC Lawrence
document 01:790:395:13 PoliSci Sem: Democ. & Protest Poli in the Globalizing World M 2:15-5:15pm HCK-211 Kubik
01:790:397:01 Washington Internship     Levine
pdf 01:790:401:01 Amer Constitnl Law I T H 7:15-8:35pm CDL-110 D/C Squillacote
01:790:404:01 Politics of Criminal Justice: Comparative Crime and Justice MH 12:35-1:55pm HSB-106 D/C Miller
01:790:406:01 Civ Lib & Civ Rights T H 1:10-2:30 CA-A5 CAC Heumann
01:790:406:80 Civ Lib & Civ Rights M 6-8:50pm Freehold Campus Nazarova
01:790:411:H1 Adv. Studies Law II M H 10:55-12:15pm CDL-110 D/C  
01:790:412:H1 Adv. Studies Law III W 5:35-8:35 HCK-218 D/C  
document 01:790:426:01 Gender, Pub Pol&Law M W 7:15-8:35pm RAB-204 D/C Roberti
01:790:428:01 Practice of Politics W 9:15-12:15pm WD-DR Pomper
document 01:790:429:01 Processes of Politics T 9:15-12:15pm WD-DR Weingart
01:790:452:01 Adv. Topics in ME Politics; Arab - Israeli Conflict MW 6:40-8:00pm LSH-A121 LIV Abdeljaber
01:790:455:01 Culture & Rev. in M.E. W 5:35-8:35pm CDL-110 D/C Jumet
pdf 01:790:457:01 Islamce Law & Jurisprudence T 9:15-12:15pm WAL-210 D/C Aftab
01:790:482:01 Internship Pol Sci W 7:40-9:00pm SC-207 CAC Field
01:790:482:03 Internship Pol Sci     Morales
01:790:482:04 Internship Pol Sci      
01:790:482:08 Internship Pol Sci: Youth Pol. Participation Program T 9:15-12:15pm WD Matto
01:790:492:01 Ind. Study & Research Hours by Arrangement Hours by Arrangement  
01:790:492:06 Ind. Study & Research W 9:10-10:30pm SC-219 CAC Gherasimov
01:790:494:01 Washington Research     Levine
01:790:496:01 Honors in PoliSci Hours by Arrangement Hours by Arrangement