The Certificate in Quantitative Political Science Methods is a program designed to lead to an understanding
of how social scientists pose research questions, design tests of hypotheses, and analyze quantifiable
information. These are valuable skills for the workforce and graduate school, as well as for all informed
citizens. A basic understanding of how social science research is conducted can help citizens evaluate the
information they read about in the newspaper or hear about on television.


  • This program is open only to declared Political Science majors, and will be awarded to recipients of a BA in Political Science.
  • To participate in the program, students should contact Prof. Roy Licklider, the Political Science faculty advisor, at  licklider@polisci.rutgers.edu.
  • Students must satisfactorily complete Introduction to Political Science Methods, .(790:300)
  • Students must satisfactorily complete a Survey Research (790:307)
  • Students must satisfactorily complete any three of the following list. Courses can be in one discipline or any combination of disciplines.

Political Science*

790:349 Rational Choice Models and Politics
790:392 Applied Research Methods
790:481, 482 Internship (with approved statistical or quantiative focus


220:322 Econometrics
220:401 Advanced Econometrics
220:405 Economics of Uncertainty
220:406 Game Theory and Economics


640:104 Elementary Combinatorics and Probability
640:339 Mathematical Models in the Social and
Biological Sciences


830:200 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
830:300 Research Methods in Psychology
830:23 Research Methods in Social Psychology


920:311 Introduction to Social Research
920:312 Computer Analysis of Social Science Data


Any 3-credit course in the Statistics Department

*Political Science courses may be applied to Political Science major requirements.
**Economics, Psychology and Sociology courses may be applied to cognate discipline requirements of the Political Science major.